Greg Clark in Saudi Arabia
A daily log of the comings and goings of someone from the US living in Saudi Arabia



February 2013 marked the second highest month of visitors to my blog since I started it nearly two years ago.

More than 4,700 people visited my blog last month with a daily average of more than 160.

Thanks for staying in touch!



I see the Saudi architectural wonder known as the “Kingdom Tower” everyday as I walk to and from work.

It is truly something to see in person and one of the great sites of Riyadh.



I love skype and have used it since moving to Saudi Arabia to talk to and visually see my family in the US.

Today I had to relay some information to an entity in the US and had no long distance service immediately available to me to do so.  So, I connected with my parents on skype who talked on the phone to the entity in the US that needed the information and it all worked out.

Thank goodness for technological advancements!



I had never eaten camel meat before moving to Saudi Arabia two years ago and am happy to have discovered it.

As I have posted before, the number one “family dinner” in Saudi Arabia is called kabsa which is seasoned rice served with chicken or different meats.

My favorite kabsa is served with camel meat.



Since arriving in Saudi Arabia nearly two years ago, I have always shown my KY driving license to the the counter staff when I go to a KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).

I have always had to explain that Kentucky is an actual piece of land in the US with borders and residents as well as a municipal government that oversees it.

I usually get many smiles and my driving license is passed around.

Well yesterday, at the KFC across the street from where I live in Riyadh, my driving license got me a free (very large) chocolate chip cookie and a bottle of water.



Working at the corporate office in Riyadh means you work a split shift – 8 AM to 12 noon and 5 PM to 9 PM.

All classes had teachers when my crew and I returned from Jubail so there is nothing for us to do at the moment.  Thankfully I have Netflix to watch on my laptop and several good books to read!

New classes start next week at which time I might wish to have this current week back!



My new apartment in Riyadh is amazing!

I am staying at the Al-Markan which is a building of furnished apartments located in downtown Riyadh.  It is a few blocks from the corporate office so I can walk back and forth to/from work.

I stayed at the Al-Markan two years ago between teaching assignments during the Ramadan period.

My apartment is huge and completely furnished.  I even have two bedrooms all to myself.  The benefit of two bedrooms is that I also have two beds….one I can use for sleeping on the other I can use for jumping on!



Moved from Jubail to Riyadh today.

All went fine.

Now back to the main company office tomorrow for the first time in almost half a year.



I just finished reading “A Line in the Sand: The Anglo-French Struggle for the Middle East, 1914-1948” and found it a must for those who want to learn why the Middle East exists as it does today.

While I am fascinated with topics related to the Middle East, one area I am particularly interested in is its history during the first half of the 20th century.  Many events happened during that period which were catalysts for the present Middle East.

In concise terms, the book tells of a 30+ year period in which Britain and France used the Middle East as a battle ground to fight each other for their hopes of expanding their then existing empires.

While the book had several interesting insights, my favorite passage from the book is as follows:  “…it’s not your business or my business…or [for] anybody else to interfere in other people’s countries and tell them how to run it, even to run it well.  They must be left to their own salvation.”


last day

Today was my group’s last day of work at the Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

We have been here since early September 2012.  In some ways it seems like we just arrived and in others it feels like we have been here for more than the actual 1/2 year.

The staff and students at SWCC were great.  This was my first management position for the company I work for in Saudi Arabia as well.

We leave on Friday for Riyadh so……tomorrow (Thursday) I am going to sleep in late (I have worked 14+ hour days all this week trying to get everything finished on the project) and then pack for traveling to Riyadh.